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A law practice with primary emphasis on trial work and, in particular, criminal defense work.  Attorney Michael P. Maloney provides professional, expert and zealous legal representation in municipal, state and federal court.

Most people find that they, or someone close to them, may need help with a legal matter at one time or another.  In some instances, the person may need help with a traffic or criminal offense.

While routine traffic charges are usually simple, they can sometimes be serious business.  DUI/OVI (driving under the influence) cases, for example, carry more and more severe penalties every year.  In addition to possible time in jail, the consequences may include loss of driving privileges and even forfeiture of one’s automobile, depending on the circumstances.  It is wise to at least consult with an attorney before going to court in these cases.

Misdemeanor criminal charges such as simple possession of drugs or paraphernalia may seem simple, but often are not.  Hidden consequences of these offenses must be understood.  Other misdemeanors, such as Domestic Violence, carry serious legal enhancements to future offenses.   Advice from a lawyer can help sort this out.

Felony offenses are very serious and carry substantial  prison terms.  Persons charged with a felony should never handle the matter without an attorney.    
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